BTS guys became internet millionaires, know the full story

BTS or Bangtan Boys, who caused a panic on the internet with their first English song ‘Dynamite’, have now become the owners of crores. The company’s market value has risen to $ 4 billion (approximately Rs 29,600 crore).

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  • Last updated:September 29, 2020, 8:32 am IST

New Delhi. The South Korean boy band BTS or Bangtan Boys made a big hit with their first English song ‘Dynamite’. The band’s hit song was released between the Coronacals in August. Once the song hit social media, it also got a lot of likes from all over the world. An attempt has been made to convey a message of hope and courage among the people under the coronavirus pandemonium. Now the band has another good news for BTS. Since the hit of the song ‘Dynamite’, the company’s market value has risen to $ 4 billion (approximately Rs 29,600 crore). Billionaire became the founder of Bang Si-Haik According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the offer made Big Hit founder Bang Si-Haik the owner of $ 1.4 billion. The seven-piece band has been around for twenty years, but since the song’s hit in August, at such a young age, they’ve each received $ 68,385. Bang, 48, is the sole owner of a 43 percent stake in the Sea-Hike Music Company. While gaming company Netmarble Corp. He acquired a 25% stake in the company after an investment of $ 172 million. Let the gaming company Netmarble Corp. The owner is Bang Jun Haik, a relative of Bang Si Haik. Bang Jun Hyuk is one of South Korea’s rich personalities.Also read: Paytm will soon also be occupied on the stock exchange! The stock brokerage has started for everyone, these facilities will be available cheaply Big Hit first achieved success in 2009 Bang Si Haik is also called ‘Hitman’. Bang started his career as a music producer with the company JYP Entertainment Corporation (JYP Entertainment Corp). After this, in the year 2005, he founded his own music company ‘Big Hit’, but in the initial phase the company had to struggle a lot. The company achieved its first success in the year 2009 as the song ‘Without a Heart’.
The Dynamite Song has been included on the Billboard Hot 100 At the same time, BTS debuted in 2014 with its single album ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’. The band’s album turned out to be a hit and was awarded the ‘Top Social Artist Award’ at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Here, the band’s super hit song ‘Dynamite’ took first place on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ chart. Let us know that since Q Sakamoto’s song ‘Sukiyaki’ in 1963, ‘Dynamite’ is the first Asian song to top the US rankings. Also read: Case postponement of bank loan payment until October 5, Center seeks time at Supreme Court More dependence on BTS can cause problems According to the IPO filing data, BTS contributed 97 percent to ‘Big Hit’ last year and about 88 percent of its profits in the first half of 2020. Big Hit’s revenue fell only 8 percent in the six months to June. up to 294 billion, but the company believes the coronavirus could have a major impact on earnings. It is believed that the music company Big Hit’s over-reliance on BTS in terms of revenue could drive it to losses. This is because, according to the rule of the country’s military, there is provision to provide at least two years of service to the youth between the ages of 18 and 28.

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