Bumper Earning Business Amid Corona Epidemic! Make millions by spending money once

New Delhi. Amid the spread of the coronavirus across the country, there is news that the winter corona outbreak could intensify again. The government has started preparations for this second peak of Corona. In order to make oxygen available to serious patients in such a situation, the government has drawn up a plan to purchase one lakh metric ton of oxygen from abroad. In such a situation, you can earn a good income doing business with oxygen bottles. Let us tell you how to start this business and how to get the license Contact the manufacturer to start business To start a medical oxygen gas cylinder production unit, you must contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer provides you with all the information, from oxygen production to cylinder filling. After that, you can start your business. These devices are necessary for productionTo start this business, you need a flow meter, oxygen mask, pressure gauge and cannula. Apart from this, before starting the business, you should also decide how you are going to set up this business. It is also important to know more about this company’s market. Medical oxygen gas cylinder license When someone starts a medical related business, it is important that they make sure they comply with all the rules to get all the licenses. You cannot start this kind of business without a permit. You need a state-level permit for this type of business.
Your company must be registered Apart from this, where you are starting a business, it is also necessary to get approval from the local government. Also, registration must be done to start the business properly and legally. How much should be invested? The Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinder Business is a large factory, which needs more money to start. For this business, you need to invest a minimum of 10 to 20 lakh rupees. More may need to be invested in this business. You can take out a loan with the bank for this. How much will the profit be? As everyone knows, due to the Coronavirus spreading across the country today, there is a shortage of oxygen gas cylinders across the country, which has increased the demand for them enormously. So this way you can earn a bumper by starting this business. How much risk? Due to the high pressure in the oxygen gas cylinder, the risk is also great in this company. All people who work in this factory must follow the special protocol. You can earn lakhs in rupees with this company during the Corona period. In addition to earning well, you also run a lot of risk. You can also make money by selling to the government According to information received from the ministry, during the meeting with the cabinet secretary on October 10, the availability of oxygen was discussed, after which it was decided that a lakh metric ton of oxygen should be purchased from abroad. If you start your business in such a situation, you can sell it to the government for good money.

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