Great list from Happiest Minds Tech, listed at Rs 351 instead of Rs 166, money doubled

The IPO (Happiest Minds Technologies IPO) of IT service provider Happiest Minds Technology has a nice rating. The company’s stock was listed at a 111 percent premium, meaning investors’ money doubled in a week.

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  • Last updated:September 17, 2020, 11:55 am IST

Mumbai. The country’s main stock exchange on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) The issue price of Happiest Minds Technologies’ IPO is listed at Rs 351 instead of Rs 166. In simple terms, the investors have made a 100 percent profit. Previously, it was subscribed 151 times on the IPO. The price range is set from 165 to 166 rupees per share. Let us tell you that people liked the IPO of the Happiest Minds Technologies hit IPO jackpot of Ashoka Suta’s company Happiest Minds. He is a veteran of the Indian IT services industry who has played the role of head of three major outsourcing companies. One of them is the gigantic Wipro Limited and the other two are listed companies. His start-up company Happiest Minds received such a strong response that this IPO became India’s most successful IPO of the decade. Great listing, investors lost money within a week Investors ‘faces have blossomed with Happiest Minds’ dazzling stock exchange listing. Investors’ money has doubled in a week. Suppose an investor invested money in an IPO and received 100 shares. Their price (166 (issue price of share) X100 (total number of shares)) is Rs 16,600. At the same time, the share price has risen to Rs 351 after listing. In this context, an investment of Rs 16,600 has risen to Rs 35,100. What should investors do now? Experts say it will be expensive in terms of appraisals. But stay positive. Only with this IPO there is no need to make any money. There will be good opportunities in the coming days. Many companies are participating in the IPO race. Short term investors apply and exit a stop loss of ₹ 250. Continuously monitor your stop loss. At the same time, remain a long-term investor. Meet the Happiest Minds Technologies stock lists The issue was subscribed 151 times The Rs 700 crore IPO from Happiest Minds, an IT services provider, received bids 151 times. At this IPO, an offer was made for 351 crore shares, while only 2.33 crore shares were offered. This happened because people claimed the credibility of founder Ashok Suta. Investors have complete confidence in Ashok Suta. What does the company do?According to Happiest Mind, 97 percent of its revenue comes from the digital business, which is much higher than many companies like Infosys, Mindtree and Cognizant. These companies have an average digital turnover of 40-50 percent. It offers Digital Business Services, Product Engineering Services and Infrastructure Management and Security Services.

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