Great opportunity to earn with Railways: start a new scheme, earn millions this way!

Indian Railway: Indian Railways gives you the chance to earn this time. The railways, through private investment, have issued a “Freight Shed Development Policy” at small and roadside stations.

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New Delhi: Are you also planning to earn extra money? So now you can earn a good amount under a special policy of the Railways (Indian Railway New Policy). This time, Indian Railways gives you the chance to make money. Explain that the Ministry of Railways (Indian Railways) has issued a “Freight Shed Development Policy” for small and roadside stations through private investment. Under this policy, you can earn a good income by setting up a small canteen, tea shop near the station. Let us tell you about this policy in detail – Railways will build a new freight shed Under the “Freight Shed Development Policy” of the Ministry of Railways, new freight sheds will be built and old freight sheds will be upgraded with the help of private players. In addition, the aim is to increase the terminal capacity by currently developing the existing cave shed. You too can earn a large income by investing in this Railways scheme.

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READ ALSO: LIC Wins In Corona Era, Gain Crores Of Your Money In Just 6 Months How can you earn? If you help develop a goods shed at the roadside station according to this scheme of railways, then the railway gives you the opportunity to put small canteens, tea shops, advertisements around the station, which can save your expenses and you can also earn good money .
Private players will have to do this development Apart from this, private players are allowed to develop goods loading / unloading facilities, workers facilities, contact roads, covered sheds and other related infrastructure. Private players will have to spend their own money to develop these facilities. All these developments will be based on approval design of the railways. Railways do not incur any costs Please tell them the Railways will not take any kind of departmental leadership from private players. The facilities created by the private player will be used for the convenience of the common user.

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