Innovation: Byju never did business, but the company achieved two lakh to 90 thousand crore rupees this way.

New Delhi. We know the stories of Tata, Ambani, Birla, but the idea of ​​teaching online only through the temptation of jobs from multinational companies has brought the company’s valuation of two lakh rupees to about 90 thousand crore rupees. This is the story of Byzus, the second largest online learning app for start-ups, and its founder, Biju Ravindran. In a conversation with News18, he told how the idea of ​​bringing education to the online platform had such a great success. Not only this, if all schools, coaching and lectures are closed in the Coronacal, how does the Bijoyus app teach the students … Know the story of Biyaju from Ravindran in his own words … “My friends were preparing for competitive exams. When they wanted to study with me, I supervised them. They liked my way of doing things and they were good for the exam. At their request, we tested this idea in a workshop of 100 students. Later I also held a session together for 20,000 students in the stadium. During this time I discovered that there was a huge difference in the way the students learned. They just got scared because of the fear of exams. So we got the idea that technology develops their love for learning through use. With this in mind, we founded Think and Learn Private Limited in 2011. In August 2015, we launched the Biju app. Today we have four crore subscribers, 28 lakh of which are Subscribers. Now let me tell you about my team. My students helped me expand my classes while we were still in the early stages. These students later formed the core team of the company and this too am. Already the importance of the business of content development, sales and marketing Performs full tasks. Byju’s team has only one addiction, and that is to instill in our students the habit of learning addiction. This passion is reflected in the company from top to bottom.I am an engineer by profession, happen to be an entrepreneur and a teacher par excellence. I never intended to start my work as a company. I just pursued my passion and invested my strength to fulfill it. Later it became a company. No business can be run with the passion to make money, but the passion to change society is more important. I think The real fun here isn’t building a billion dollar business, it’s creating a billion thinkers and learners. By the way, let me tell you I didn’t do business. That is why I and my team learn to keep working. We learned the art from the business model to expansion and fundraising. Either way, when we teach, we learn and do business. Today I don’t get as much time as before to teach, but I am happy that many of my students are doing better than me today. We have teachers who are better than me today. Teaching is one of the most creative and powerful works. Teachers have a lifelong impact on children, which helps them shape their minds to give them a launch pad for their thoughts and imaginations. I want to tell my young colleagues that if you do what is your favorite and passionate job, you are motivated. Thinking big, having high ambitions, planning and executing quickly should be a virtue. If you are passionate about your idea, work hard from the start. “

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