Innovation: father’s paanwinkel, if there was no money for fees, then studied in free school, own automation company today

Faced with all the strife, Kajal founded the company ‘Kajal Innovation and Technical Solution (KITS, KITS)’ at the age of 21 in the year 2015. The idea of ​​robotics came about when Doordarshan was watching a robot-related show.

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New Delhi. It is said that talent does not obey anyone. She makes her own way. One such story is from Kajal Prakash Rajvaidya, born in Akola, a small town in Maharashtra. In the year 2015, at the age of 21, Kajal founded a company ‘Kajal Innovation and Technical Solution (KITS, KITS)’, which was struggling with all the struggles, obstacles and hassle. Through innovation, Kajal’s company now gives robotics, automation, and technology to students in the nation’s renowned schools and colleges and institutions. Kajal says she had no business experience. The father used to have a panthela. Father wanted to teach children a lot of money. But there was stubbornness to study, so after studying in Zilla Parishad school up to fourth grade, I was admitted to Manutai Kanya school, four kilometers away. Girls are not charged here. Kajal had to walk daily to go to school. Income wasn’t much, so there was a time when he had to work as a recurring agent of a private bank. Also read: Always upgrading like cell phone is a job it is important to know these mantras to stay up to date Doordarshan’s robot show turned into the turning point of lifeThe turning point in Kajal’s life came when she saw a robot-related show on Doordarshan. What was it when Kajal decided to make a robot too. Kajal received admission in electronics from college and began to fulfill the purpose of the robot. During this time his family was in trouble. The father became unemployed. It was not enough to even pay the cost of the polytechnic school. Nevertheless, the father somehow arranged the loan and enrolled him in the technical university. After that, Kajal prepared a syllabus for the new technology, went to Pune colleges and shared it with the students. Here a failure occurred, but did not give up. After returning to Akola, she began to withdraw her expenses from sporadic duties. In addition, she continued to learn robotics via the internet during the remaining time of coaching etc. After some time, she went to primary school and started attending robotics workshops for fifth grade children. It was from here that Kajal started a hands-on business by starting a kits business. Also read: Success story: learned handicapped as a child, started the rightful start-up to strengthen the weak, now a turnover of 12 crores His company’s clients are from Yemen, Singapore, USA.
Kajal’s company has clients from Yemen, Singapore, USA. Provides training of various software-based services including robotics, automation and biomedical instruments for children. Also provides electronic goods service. When the National Robotics Competition took place in Mumbai, no one believed in the success of the students of the major English medium schools, who won the students of ‘Kajal Innovation and Technical Solution Kits’. Now these girls are preparing with Kajal to represent India in America. He received the Best Entrepreneur Award from ITE, the Times Research Award from the US and the Agriculture Innovation Award from Startup India. His company is one of the largest centers for techno-commercial skills development in Maharashtra. One in twenty techno-commercial professionals in the country has been trained by their company.

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