Innovation: Made coconut peeling machine, government gave a grant of 25 lakhs, now opened own company

Casey Sijoy made a coconut peeling machine in Thrissur, Kerala. The central government has recently donated 25 lakh rupees for this invention. Last month their startup was selected from the top three startups.

New Delhi. We all like coconut water, which is considered very beneficial for health, but it takes a lot of effort to peel it. Many do not know how to present it in an attractive way? KC Sejoy from Kanjani village in Thrissur, Kerala (KC Sejoy) was making a coconut peeling machine when he saw this. Recently, the central government has also given a grant of Rs 25 lakh for this invention from Sijoy. Sijoy, once a technician, now owns his company. His business has been supported by incubation under Kerala Agricultural University’s Agri-prenurship Orientation Program. Their startup was also selected in the top three of startups last month. KP Sudhir, head of the speed agri-business incubator in the Department of Agricultural Engineering (Engineering) at Kerala Agricultural University, says there are many other coconut husking tools on the market. But Sijoy’s machine is high-tech and can also peel the hard coconut shell. Also read: News18 Special: Why has it been delayed to bring fugitive Mallya and Modi to India, know the reason from experts Worked in Saudi Arabia, returned to India and saw the problem of coconut huskingSijoy took a tool and mold making course from the Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) and then went to Saudi Arabia to work. There he worked to make molds in a large industry. In 2005 he returned to India. He saw around him that many people use their livelihood to make a living. Some grow coconut, others sell coconut. He told The Better India website that people who work to sell raw coconut have to work very hard to peel it. So Sijeya researched this and saw if there is a machine available to cut or peel the coconut? There were some machines, but in the past they were only used for raw coconut. Also read: EPF is subject to income tax, so take this measure, then you will receive more interest Machine made after ten years of hard work After almost 10 years of research and hard work, Sijoy has created a special coconut peeling machine. This machine not only peels a coconut in 40 seconds, but also cuts the light-hardened husks to the size of a millimeter, which can be fed to animals as bait. For this, he used the knowledge of his education and his work experience in Saudi Arabia to prepare a prototype of the first machine. In 2015, a patent was applied for the prototype. It received a patent in the year 2017.


Coconut after shelling from Sijoy’s machine (Photo Credit: The Better India)

Started commercial use after making a machine, in collaboration with the supermarket Sijoy has registered his company as ‘Kukkos Industries’. He also partnered with several supermarkets to sell coconuts. He bought coconut from the locals and gave it to the supermarket at the rate of 30 rupees. However, he stopped it after a few months. According to him, according to the market, he wanted to improve more to earn more from this machine. After this, Sijoy made some changes to the machine. They have now installed a 750-watt motor so that 60 to 80 coconuts can be peeled in an hour. He says, “The business model is currently not available in the market. But if I make all the changes, I will make some machines available in Thrissur district. For a year I will look at the work of the machine, if there is a problem. is, repairing it, preparing a final model that can be sold nationwide. “

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