Navratri Special: This town has the largest Lal Chunri company in the country, knows all

Mata ki Chunri Manufacturers and Companies: Chunri, priced from Rs 5 to 20-25 thousand rupees, is prepared in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. His case of millions of rupees is done here. Shortly after Janmashtami, the factories start red chunri, lehenga, pattaka, etc.

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New Delhi. The first preparation that starts during Navratri is that of Lal Chunari of Mata. When someone prepares a Chunari by ordering two months before Navratri, one goes to the market one night before the fast and brings the Chunri to its status as a purchase. The price can vary, but reverence is the same. But do you know that not only in the country but also abroad, the dress worn by Lal Chunri and Mata Rani is prepared in Vrindavan, a small town in UP. This small town prepares a chunari ranging from 5 rupees to 20-25 thousand rupees. In Navratri alone there is a turnover of tens of millions of rupees of chunri and clothing. Lal Chunari is created after Janmashtami Vrindavan is at the forefront of preparing Lal Chunri and Mata Rani’s clothes. Every kind of clothing related to the gods and goddesses is prepared here. The dress made here is delivered all over the country, but also goes abroad. Awadhesh, who is associated with the work of clothing and chunri, relates that soon after Janmashtami, red chunri, lehenga, patka, etc. are started in factories. During this time, if you talk about the chunri that is ready, the chunis are prepared at the price of 60 rupees to 2 thousand rupees. Also read: You also have this £ 10 note, you will get 25 thousand today, just do this work at home.In Vrindavan’s house there is work related to chunri and clothing. Chunri is in great demand, varying in length from 1.5 to 2 meters. After this, a dress is made from 40-50 rupees to a thousand rupees. Orders from the first order have been completed. After that, the goods are sent to the nearby cities and states. Due to many orders, there is work related to chunri and clothes not only in factories but also in Vrindavan house. Also read: Railway employees issued an ultimatum, only received bonus money on October 20 …
Not only business people but also devotees come to place orders Clothing businessman Ram Naresh says businessmen’s orders for Navratri start to come as soon as Janmashtami’s orders are completed. But before one and two months of Navratri, the orders of devotees immediately begin to arrive. These are the people who, according to their reverence, make a chunari, which costs between 5 and 25 rupees, and who dress up to 50-50 thousand rupees. These orders were placed for the idols of Mata Rani in the temples built in the houses, including the great temples of the country. In such an order, the fabric doesn’t really matter that much when the needlework on the dress and chariot is important.

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