Rocket Learning achieves education for poor children, knows all about it

Rocket learning has added 15 thousand government schools in Chandigarh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. In which more than 1 lakh children study. For these children, Rocket Learning provides primary school content.

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  • Last updated:October 26, 2020, 9:58 AM IST

New Delhi. During the Corona epidemic, many startups have started in the country. One of those startups is Rocket Learning. This startup is working on providing education to poor children through a digital medium. The startup was launched in March during lockdown. When all schools in the country were closed because of the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, Rocket Learning Startup brought e-learning materials to more than one lakh children in Chandigarh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Now let’s know all about this startup … Rocket Learning focuses on weaker sections Rocket Learning Startup has started taking into account the weaker sections. Vishal Sunil, the co-founder of this startup, told CNBC Awaaz that 85 percent of children’s brain development takes place between the ages of 3 and 8. But due to a lack of resources, education is not accessible to every child. In such a situation, Rocket Learning, using technology, along with government schools and other institutions working on education, provides free primary education for children in small towns and disadvantaged villages.

Boot functions The biggest feature of this startup is the differential approach where parents of children are added for primary education. Rocket Learning creates all education content in regional and national language. So that children and parents can understand them easily. Educational materials are delivered to children via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Also Read: Gasoline Diesel Price: New Gasoline Rates Released, Check New Rates Immediately
Start-up model based on B2B income The rocket learning startup has linked about 15,000 government schools in Chandigarh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh so far. In which more than 1 lakh children study. For whom Rocket Learning provides content for primary education. The focus of Rocket Learning is specifically on vulnerable children. This sets this start-up apart from other organizations working in the field of education. Because of this, the rocket learning startup has received more than Rs 1 crore from the investor so far.

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