Start this business in just 20 thousand, sitting at home makes millions, the government also gives half of the money

New Delhi: Bonsai plant is a plant that is considered to be the happiness of people today, but do you know that you can make a lot of money with this plant … Today we will tell you how to grow this plant (How to make money with Bonsai Plant) and how much rupees you have to spend for this. Let me tell you that nowadays, in addition to decorations and good luck, this plant can also be used for astrology, Vastu Shastra. The national government also supports this agriculture financially. Let me tell you that you can also start this business for 20 thousand rupees, in the beginning you can start it on a small or large level depending on your need. After this, you can increase the size of the business as the profits and sales increase. Also read: On Diwali this year, a 10 rupee note will make you rich, thousands of rupees will be credited to your account How much does this plant costToday it is widely used as a lucky plant. It is also used for home and office decoration. As a result, their demand is very high nowadays. Today, the price of these plants in the market can range from Rs 200 to about Rs 2500. Apart from this, people who love the bonsai plant are also willing to pay the asking price. There are two ways you can do business In the first way, you can start this business with very little capital. But it will take time. Because the Bonsai plant takes at least two to five years to be ready. Aside from this, you can bring plants prepared from the nursery and sell them at 30 to 50 percent more price.
What items are needed To start this business, you will need clean water, sand clay or sand, pot and glass pots, soil or roof, 100 to 150 square feet, clean pebbles or glass tablets, tapered wire, spray bottle to sprinkle water on the plant. , Forged to make a shed. Let me tell you that if you start this business on a small scale, there will be an investment of about 5000 rupees. At the same time, if you increase the scale a little, it will cost up to 20 thousand. The government will help so much Over three years, the average cost of Rs 240 per plant will be incurred, of which Rs 120 per plant will receive government support. In other areas except Northeast, 50 percent of the government and 50 percent of farmers will be used for cultivation. 50 percent of the government will be 60 percent of the center and 40 percent of the state. In the Northeast, 60 percent of the government and 40 percent of the farmers will be planted. 90 percent of the central government and 10 percent of the state government’s share of 60 percent government money. The Nodal Officer in the district will give you complete information. Will earn 3.5 lakhs Depending on the needs and species, you can plant 1500 to 2500 plants per hectare. If you plant a plant at 3 x 2.5 meters, about 1500 plants will be planted on one hectare. Together you can grow a second crop in the space that is left between the two plants. After 4 years you will earn 3 to 3.5 lakh rupees. Also read: Pay attention! SBI warns 42 crore customers, don’t forget this work There is no need to perform a transplant every year. Because bamboo plantation lasts about 40 years. If you plant bamboo at 4 x 4 meters on the edge of the field, along with other crops, you will earn about 30 thousand rupees per hectare from the fourth year. Its cultivation reduces the farmer’s risk factor. Because the farmer can also do other farming among the bamboo.

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