These three friends made the Indian version of Facebook after 14 failures

Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Pratap and Ankush Sachdeva made ShareChat the Indian version of Facebook after failing in their 14 projects. Let’s know his story …

Sharechat boom in the country nowadays Getting hit Sharechat can be used in 10 Indian languages. Tell this to the Facebook of Experts India. You will be surprised to learn that the three friends who made it worked on 14 projects, but didn’t run any of them. Sharechat currently has 40 active users across the country. On this day, 2 lakh posts are shared daily. img Know share chat Sharechat was launched in 2015. Sharechat is an Android app available in 10 Indian languages. On this you can share messages in Bhojpuri, in the Chhattisgarhi language. He has about 40 lakh active users sharing 2 lakh posts daily. (Also read – Start with 50,000 CCTV camera companies, to earn in lakhs) This is how it started It was started by 3 friends together. 25-year-old Farid started it with his friends Bhanu Singh and Ankush Sachdeva, who studied together at IIT. In Sharechat, Bhanu Pratap Singh holds the position of CTO, CEO of Farid Ahsan and Chief Product Officer of Ankush Sachdeva. Share Chat now has a team of 50 people, 18 of whom are developers. Sharechat has an office in Bangalore. He started Sharechat in the year 2015.Also read – You can get a loan from these companies for business, you give money if you like the idea)Manu Jain from Meerut made Xiaomi the owner of 320 crores, knew about him … Before that, 14 of his projects failed. All three were included in the Under 30 list by Forbes. All three have worked for the past six years. He became the first business partner and then their friendship grew. The three collaborated on 17 projects, 14 of which failed. A plan of theirs started on the 15th project. VIDEO: These friends made their village smart, now they earn with it)
This is how we got the idea- During the chat fight, he found 32,000 people who only wanted to chat in their own language. He saw that a retired professor in Midnapore was looking for a world where he could communicate in his language. There were millions of people like him who wanted to speak in their own language. The demand for local language platforms is also increasing in India.Also read – these sisters learned to make jewelry online, now do business while sitting at home)

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Take advantage of liveWith the introduction of free data and cheap Android phones at the beginning of Jio, the number of people entering the world of the Internet for the first time has increased. Local language content was not available to rural and semi-urban people and the demand for local language was constantly increasing in this group. In 2014 he removed the English language itself. He started creating user-generated content systems. Small share has more share chat usersAt the moment, more than 70 percent of their users are 12 to 25 years old and over 70 years old. Of these, 86 percent of Abaji come from Tier II and Tier III cities. Its 5 percent audience is also in Bangladesh, Canada and Dubai. They also have about 3.5 million shared content on WhatsApp every day.Also read – Become a modern teacher by paying a nominal fee, earn 40 thousand / month by teaching 3 hours)

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