This Delhi company became a great example in waste disposal, preparing 25 million manure from the waste!

New Delhi. The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (South MCD) is doing a big job these days in cleaning up the waste problem. During the past 6 months, SDMC has done a unique job of making 1 lakh kg of organic compost fertilizer by processing 7 lakh kg of wet waste in just 2 departments. By making this manure, where SDMC has received help with waste processing. At the same time, the amount of about 7,000,000 rupees spent on loading garbage has also been saved. According to the market, the price of this fertilizer is estimated to be around ₹ 25.00,000.

Let’s say SDMCs Division No. 5 aerobic compost plants with TDP capacity were established in 5 Tagore Gardens and Ward No. 9 Subhash Nagar. So far the cost of £ 1.00,000 has been incurred for both plants, while the MCD has prepared approximately Rs 25.00,000 manure from these plants and also disposed of 7.00,000 kg of wet waste in 6 months at the lenderfill site. leave, settlement takes place in the same area.

This compost fertilizer was distributed to Southern Corporation’s Horticulture, Schools and RWA division.

Today, Saturday, 10,000 kg of organic fertilizer was given to the gardening department of the Tagore Garden and Subhash Nagar compost plant. So far it has been used in 156 parks and will be used in more parks. Deputy Commissioner Rahul Singh and Nodal Officer of the Swachh Bharat Mission Rajiv Jain and other senior officers of the company attended the occasion.

On this occasion, Rajiv Jain, the Nodal Officer of Swachh Bharat Mission, said this is the cheapest compost plant in Delhi. Here a little soil and old manure is added to the waste litter to make organic manure and this compost is prepared in different modules like drum composters, grid boxes of different sizes.

Jain, the nodal officer, said it only takes three weeks to make manure. Currently, all 29 neighborhoods in the western region are separated from wet and dry waste.

Jain said that if the cost of organic fertilizer is estimated at Rs 25 per kg, the total cost is Rs 25 lakh while the construction cost of the whole compost plant is only Rs 1 lakh. Which shows that it is an economical alternative to the implementation of organic waste.

Deputy Commissioner Rahul Singh praised the project. Only such installations can reduce the load on landfills. In the past six months, we have reduced 7.00,000 kg of waste from the landfill. We have saved 7 lakh rupees for transporting waste from homes to landfills.

This effort is environmentally friendly and has also been shown to be beneficial in reducing waste. He said organic manure will also be distributed to citizens free of charge so that they can be encouraged to separate the waste from the dry and wet waste.

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